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The team MedicoApps inspires pilots worldwide

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25 Jan 17
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FlySentinel is a prestigious watch for pilots and at the same time the first control system in the world measuring their psychophysical state during the flight and different environment parameters.

A smart device identifies potential risks and informs a pilot about them, advising him what to do to solve the problem. In the case of an accident it can also send the emergency call and report GPS location. It is developed and marketed by a team of ambitious Slovenian startup MedicoApps run by a computer scientist and a sport pilot Primož Grajžl. An innovative startup company, which received an investment SK75 from the Slovene Enterprise Fund in autumn 2015, is currently located in the middle of two key milestones, as the phase of the collection of pre-orders is being closed, which has already excited a nearly 100 pilots worldwide – in addition to Slovenian also professional and sport pilots from the USA, Hungary and the countries of former Yugoslavia. At the same time, with the help of Business angels club of Slovenia it is in final conversations with corporate investors, who are going to help the company in further development and sales.

Ekipa, ki je razvila FlySentinel uro
  FlySentinel Team

What kind of problems does FlySentinel solve?

In recent years, the development of technologies in aviation, especially in navigation and flight control systems, has made progress. Very little or practically nothing has been done in the field of systems for controlling the psychophysical state of a pilot in the plane. At the growing number of sport and airline pilots, the number of older pilots with chronic diseases is increasing and this can lead to sudden health problems during the flight, for example heart attacks, breathing problems, etc. Younger and completely healthy pilots can also have sudden health problems at long flights on high altitudes.

From pilots for pilots

The lack of a system for continuous monitoring pilot's vital functions for early warning about pilot's health problems and would contribute significantly to the safety of a pilot, fellow passengers and a plane, has been perceived as a business opportunity by two members of the AK Celje, both are pilots and experts in the field of computer science and medicine. They've founded the company MedicoApps and launched the development of a prototype of a prestigious watch FlySentinel to control the psychophysical state of the pilot and at the same time testing the medical algorithms that inform critical states. In the next step Institut Jožef Stefan was invited to participate and with their experts they drew up detailed specifications of the device.


A top product needs a top design

»From the beginning we have known that for a top product we also need a top appearance. Therefore, Jure Miklavc, a renowned Slovenian designer, joined the company as a co-founder. The company LXNAW with its long experience constantly standy by us all the time in the development of electronics and software,« Primož Grajžl described the background of FlySentinel production.

Optimal collection of data and the possibility of subsequent processing and analysis

Parameters that FlySentinel controls on a pilot are heart rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation in blood. It also measures the ambient temperature, noise, humidity, CO, G-forces and GPS coordinates all the time. The housing is very resistant and it's made of precious light metals. A pilot carries FlySentinel on his hand and uses it as a smartwatch in an inactive mode. For managing instead of extended monitors on touch they rather use tactile buttons, because they can also be operated without a view on the device and during sharper movement. The user interface is easily readable in all conditions and has a clear and simple structure with a minimum of elements. After the end of the flight a pilot can store all data in the cloud for later processing and analysis.

Enthusiastic response of pilots from Slovenia, the USA, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia

In the beginning of this year, the team FlySentinel began collecting pre-orders for the first 100 pieces of the first version of FlySentinel which pilots are going to start using this spring. »We really didn't expect so enthusiastic response of pilots! We knew that we have an outstanding product, but we didn't dare to imagine that in the first few days we will gain almost all of the planned 100 pre-orders from all the world. We are especially proud of us that we are supported by one of our first user – one of the best aerobatics pilot in the world Peter Podlunšek,« Primož Grajž commented the successful start of marketing. In the next step, the company is going to address the big airlines. Their main target markets are Germany, France, the UK and the USA. The next step is China which has recently released the legislation on the possession of planes of natural persons.

FlySentinel Team
  FlySentinel Team

Developing solutions for fire-fighters, soldiers and elderly people

For the end of 2017, the team of the company MedicoApps is planning that a solution FlySentinel is also going to be offered to fire-fighters, soldiers and elderly people. »This step, of course, is going to require additional development and adaptation of form. But because we know that in order to ensure the competitiveness, the development should never stop, we already have new ideas how to improve our device and so make flying even safer. Development is going to continue in the direction of measuring blood pressure at the wrist and the non-invasive measurement of blood sugar levels, where also the investment of corporate strategic investor for supporting further development and sales of our solution is going to help exceptionally,« optimistically predicts Primož Grajžl.


More information and additional material about the company:

Primož Grajžl, CEO and Co-founder of startup MedicoApps

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